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Search for Summitlynx - a hiking log/navigation service.
[python] [django] [elasticsearch]
Modifications/improvements to the Janeway digital publishing platform for the Slovene National Institute of Public Health.
[python] [django] [postgresql] [academic publishing]
Backend services for Otherweb - an innovative news aggregation website.
[flask] [api] [elasticsearch] [aws] [machine learning]
Quiz app for an interactive theatre performance »Ikigai« at SLG Celje.
[flask] [api] [postgresql] [htmx]
User manual & warranty management app featuring a barcode scanner for product lookup.
[flask] [api] [postgresql] [vue3] [quasar]
Low latency, scaleable, autocomplete street address lookup.
[elasticsearch] [aws]
Multi-seller cash-register with fiscal verification, stock tracking and online store integration.
[flask] [elasticsearch] [prestashop] [deisgn]
Gimmicky website for a woodworking coop. Particularly fun on mobile.
[babylonjs] [3d] [deisgn]
Simbiome - crawls online markets for frequently bought items and transforms them into 3D point clouds.
[python] [machine learning] [scraping]
Radovan, a meta search engine. Aggregates open access text repositories.
[python] [flask] [a sprinkle of js]
Linqr, a citation assistant helping you cite more open science more often.
[python] [flask] [vue.js]
Research Toolbox Deluxe, a search aggregator for investigative journalists.
[python] [flask] [a sprinkle of js], the official site of the Internatoinal Federation of Film Critics - migration to wordpress.
[wordpress] [php] [css], an academic journal.
[wordpress] [php] [css], a newspaper reinvented for the web. Remixability, inventive categorization, multimedia. Snapshots available through waybackmachine.
[concept], a web portal for film education.
[wordpress] [php]